District 1 of Area 60 Alcoholics anonymous

It must never be forgotten that the purpose of Alcoholics Anonymous is to sober up alcoholics. -Bill W.


District 1 GSR meeting is held the first Wednesday of the month at Grace at Calvary Lutheran Church.
123 East Diamond Street, Butler, PA 16001

Current District 1 GSR Minutes

District Officers and Coordinators

DCM- Mindy-Jo M.
Alternate DCM – Chuck J.
Treasurer – OPEN
Alternate Treasurer – OPEN
District Secretary – Heather F.
Alternate Secretary – OPEN
Answering Service Coordinator – Sharon B.
Alternate Answering Service Coordinator – OPEN
CPC/PI Coordinator – Garret E.
Alternate CPC/PI – OPEN
Web Chair Coordinator – Becca B.
Alternate Web Chair – Doug R.
Activities Committee Coordinator – Dave C.
Alternate Activities Committee – OPEN
Archives Committee Coordinator – OPEN
Alternate Archives Coordinator – OPEN
Hospital Coordinator – Tim E.
Alternate Hospital Coordinator – OPEN
Gaiser Center Coordinator – Tawny
Alternate Gaiser Center Coordinator – Eric M.
Davis Archway Coordinator – Fred
Alternate Davis Archway Coordinator – Nidal C.
Men’s Jail Coordinator – Brendan L.
Alternate Men’s Jail – OPEN
Women’s Jail Coordinator – Jess
Alternate Women’s Jail Coordinator – Linda F.